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Category A is open to participants of 12 years of age and younger.
Category B – is open to participants from 13 to 15 years of age.
Category C – is open for participants from 16 to 19 years of age.
Category D – is open to participants 20 to 28 years.


The Competition is open to cellists of all nationalities from all over the world, from 11 years old until 25 years old.


The recordings must be sent by 28th of April. Results will be published at the website the 20th of may 2023


The application will be published electronically on Youtube.
The candidate must provide in the same sent a copy of the DNI or NIE, the certificate of the entity where he/she is currently studying or has studied in case of those who have finished their studies. Bank receipt with a contribution of 50 euros for the competition registration fee in categories A or B and 100 euros for the competition registration fee in categories C, D or E.
The deposit must be paid into the following bank account:

ES11 2048 3113 2897 1000 1511

BIC/SWIFT of Liberbank: CECAESMM048

Name of beneficiary: Violonchelo Clásico S.L
In concept of: Niccolo Competition with the name and surname of the participant + Category

In concept of: Slava Competition with the name and surname of the participant.

To apply you must fill out the form that appears on our website, and send it in the same email with the links to the videos and proof of payment. Videos of the works will be accepted separately or in full. It must not be edited in any way. The interpreter must be visible during the whole recording. Otherwise he/she will be disqualified. The recording can only be made in one camera shot.

Candidates will be informed about their active participation until 15th of April 2023.
The registration fee will be refunded only to those candidates who have not been accepted by the organization. In the case of participants who decide not to participate, the fee will not be refunded.